An avant-garde entrepreneur, Hubert d’Ornano founded Sisley in 1976 with his enterprising vision: work with the latest technology to utilize the best that plants and essential oils can offer in his cosmetic products. Under his leadership and with the help of his team, Sisley has become one of the world’s most prestigious brands in selective perfumery.
Phyto-cosmetology is at the heart of the Sisley concept, and consists in utilizing the best natural plant extracts to create the finest cosmetics. Sisley’s skill lies in combining their knowledge of plants, their composition, and their effects on the skin’s functioning with their understanding of the skin and its mechanisms. Moreover, before being used, the precious active ingredients are rigorously selected by examining their biological properties and their affinity with the skin.
Through a process which can last for several years, Sisley’s scientific teams strive to identify the most effective quantities of the active ingredients to respond as fully as possible to any specific need.
In creating its products, Sisley selects only the best plant varieties, using the part of the plant that most effectively treats the problem, sourcing from countries or regions where the best examples of the plant can be found and ensuring harvest takes place when the plant’s active ingredients are at their prime.