Kanebo was founded in 1887 as a cotton spinning plant in the Kanegafuchi district of Tokyo. In fact, the name Kanebo comes from the union of “kane” (from “Kanegafuchi”) and “bo” (from “boseki”, which means “spinning”). The company started silk processing twenty years later, producing silk yarn in 1908. In the 1930s, the then President of KANEBO made a brilliant observation: the women who spun silk had beautifully soft and hydrated hands even though they were constantly immersed in water. In 1936, Kanebo managed to capture the moisturizing power of silk inside a soap. This is how “SAVON DE SOIE” was born. Since then, Kanebo has never stopped developing state-of-the-art cosmetic technologies. SENSAI, Kanebo’s most prestigious brand, features Koishimaru silk, which has always been the main ingredient in its product range. A silk so precious, it was originally exclusively reserved for the Japanese imperial family. Koishimaru silk has the power to increase the skin’s hydration capacity, as well as make it smooth and radiant.