Meo Fusciuni

For me creating is an art, it is a way to revive emotions and sensations; not just merely creating perfumes to wear, but letting them be a means for identifying an artistic expression

Giuseppe Imprezzabile is known in the perfume world as Meo Fusciuni, the Aromatario. Once a chemist, researcher and botanist, then a traveller, in 2010 he became the poet of perfumery that he is today. He blends aromas that evoke moments of life through the smells associated with certain experiences. He retraces the historical journey of perfume through Turkey and Morocco to his native Sicily in a moving collection that is the olfactory vision of a modern nomadic artist. Meo Fusciuni's next creation, the "Cycle of Poetry" offers an insight into the private life of a researcher through its poetic and architectural olfactory pyramids. Poetry and architecture are the originators of these aromas, inspired by profound inner exploration and the uncovering of ancient memories. Like an invisible thread, these elements lead to a new path, the "Mystic Cycle" collection, which was completed after an important process of stylistic and sensorial development. Scented liquid, its substance and the poetic language that describes it, all in a fragrance—this is the philosophy of Meo Fusciuni.