La mer

Famous for its innovative and exquisite ingredients, which work rapidly to tone and soften the skin, leaving it regenerated and free from imperfections, the story of La Mer began when Dr. Max Huber suffered burns in a laboratory accident. Unable to find a suitable cure, he became inspired by the beneficial powers of the sea and, after several years of experiments, he managed to create what he called the Miracle Broth, an elixir that almost completely cured his injuries and renewed the scar tissue. The key to this miraculous recipe is kelp, a seaweed that is bio-fermented in tanks; the kelp harnesses the energy of light and the sound of the sea waves to boost its strength through vitamins and mineral salts. The powerful nutritional properties and its regenerative capacity inspired him to incorporate it into a skincare treatment.
La Mer creates a series of products, from cleansers to foundation, which contain at least one exclusive ferment that enhances the effectiveness and virtues of the skin’s process of renewal.